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The word juy is derived from the Sanskrit word root ( युज् yuj ) that signifies to join, to unite. At our Studio, we intentionally unite creations of minimalistic elegance, inspired by the wisdom of natural simplicity, into a visual expression in the digital and analog realms.
We build the identities and brand experiences that are used to achieve business goals and attract more customers off and online. We have a very broad perspective and can visualize the specific and relevant elements of an idea beyond conventional limitations. 

Our vision is to create unique and authentic brands that appeal emotionally. We strongly believe that a creative and thoughtful design has the potential to inspire the world and create an experience of consciousness, balance and joy.

why to choose us?
First we love contributing to the success of others and second because you’re a smart, intelligent, odd one out who’s looking for someone to really embodies your vision.  
Selected Clients

Aroma / Point Break Events / Freiruum, Zug / Oana, Lucerne / Designers Club / Stadt Zurich Sportdepartement / Red Bull, Swisscom / UBS / Swissquoats / Wisdom & Numbers / Coop / Schweizer Post / Volkshaus Zurich / Hiltel / Lola Studio / Mountain Poeple Music / Universal Sounds / Universal APP / Polarity Zurich.
Juy is founder and creative director of Studio Juy. Inspired by her travels and spiritual practice, her vision is to offer more than just a design service to the world. She believes that we are all outlets for creative expression, we just need to remember and recognize how we can access this flowing state of being through stillness, harmony and receptivity.
She has worked for more than a decade as an independent graphic designer, art director and freelancer. She has experience working with clients in a variety of industries, including fashion, wellness, beauty, event, corporate and hospitality.

Juy has been working remotely from places like Hawaii, Bali, Nepal and Mexico and is currently based in Switzerland. She's open to like-minded brands that share a similar vision and values. Connect for collaborative projects and commissioned work.

We would love to hear about your unique ideas and work with you to create an authentic identity that will make your brand perform and succeed.
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